A WARRINGTON ex-pat living in Guatemala is hoping to establish rugby league as the country’s national sport.

Tom Green, from Appleton, has been living in the Central American country for the past six months having first arrived while travelling.

Now the 24-year-old is working to establish rugby league as Guatemala’s national sport.

While there are currently six rugby union teams set up in the country, league is not currently played there.

Tom said: “I just came out here travelling initially, and ended up staying in Guatemala - I found a rugby team and started playing for them.

“I’ve always been a rugby league fan, and with Warrington being a rugby league town I grew up playing rugby league.

“Rugby isn’t very big over here and they only play rugby union at the moment.

“I went to university with a guy who is quite high up in the RFL, and we’re trying to establish the sport of rugby league in Guatemala.

“We’re starting a big campaign to make it the national sport of Guatemala.”

Tom, who plays union for Antigua Rugby Club, worked for Scottish Power and Gladstone Brookes before moving out to Central America.

The Leeds Metropolitan University physical education graduate is likely to be living in Guatemala for another year, and is also holding coaching sessions in neighbouring El Salvador later this month.

Former Bridgewater High School pupil Tom added: “I’ve always played both sports and it’s a good opportunity to introduce them to Guatemala, and the standard is a lot better than I thought it would be when I started playing.

“They’re trying to get a team in the rugby sevens at the Olympics, and they’re obviously proud to represent Guatemala.

“We’re trying to get a Guatemala v El Salvador game set up for August in a Central American test match.

“The RFL also want to set up a type of Great Britain concept in Central America, with a combined team from Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

“It’ll be quite an experience and we’re looking forward to getting everything up and running.”