THE number of speeding vehicles in Culcheth and Glazebury has dropped by 20 per cent since new signs were put in place.

Parish councillors added them to Common Lane/Broseley Lane in Culcheth and Warrington Road in Glazebury.

Cllr Matt Smith analysed the data recorded by the signs and compared it to data from previous traffic surveys.

Parish council chairman Pete Holmes said: “The positive impact on speeding from the addition of these signs should not be underestimated.

"Average speeds have reduced by more than 10 per cent and the proportion of speeding vehicles reduced by over 20 per cent – that’s more than 500 less speeding vehicles each day on Common Lane compared to before the sign was put in place.

"We are now looking at providing more signs in the villages."

Meanwhile the 30mph limit has been extended from Risley to Culcheth near to Newchurch Primary School.

Following intervention with council officers from Cllrs Matt Smith, Joan Grime and Jan Davidson got the limit cut to reduce the speed of vehicles entering the village on Warrington Road before they reach the junction with Newchurch Lane.

A spokesman for the parish council said: "This has long been considered a dangerous junction and the road here is crossed by children going to and from Newchurch Primary School.

"This change has been warmly welcomed by residents and parents."