A POPULAR Penketh pub has undergone a revamp after appointing a new manager.

Rebecca Clarke, who is Penketh born and bred, attending academy mentoring to be named as the leader of The Crown and Cushion.

New manager Rebecca said: “I’ve always wanted to run my own pub but lacked the knowledge and experience, so I’ve been mentored and coached by The Pub Management Training Academy during the past 12 months.

“My confidence has increased together with the business knowledge that has helped me gain this position the essential and desirable traits needed to be successful in the job role of pub manager have been developed by the academy and I know there is lots more to come.”

The owners of the Farnworth Road pub have told customers to ‘expect some changes for the better as this extremely popular landlady gets into the swing of her new position’.

Serving homemade food daily from 12pm every day, the pub has also installed a new gin bar.

Head chef, Marc Lothrop, is a Cordon Bleu chef who has worked in various hotels and restaurants and even owned his own restaurant in Botswana.

After recently moving to Warrington, he joined the Crown and Cushion team and has taken over the menu to bring his own unique dishes to the specials dishes.

Thirty-seven-year-old Rebecca added: “We’re a nation that loves the pub. It’s not just a place to drink, it’s the beating heart of our society where we go to share stories and make memories with our loved ones and friends.

“My pub wouldn’t be anything without my regulars, they give the place its soul, so I’m delighted to get behind this initiative and I would urge everyone out there to get out and make your pub love official.”