A SHOCKED parent has shared a video capturing broken bottles and shards of smashed glass on a children's playground in Orford.

Mum Rachel Symonds shared her disgust after taking her daughters, aged five and 16 months, and 12-year-old nephew to Orford Park on Sunday to find shards of broken glass scattered across the popular play area.

She said: "We were with my parents, sister and nephew.

"They came to stay with us for a few days so we thought a trip to the park would suit everyone as there is something to suit all three of the children but I was absolutely disgusted with what we found at the park.

"It was covered in glass.

"It was obviously done on purpose as bottles were everywhere and smashed all over the place. Why do that?

"I hope to goodness the cameras were on and filming this but I bet they weren’t.

"I'm going to send it to the council.

"It doesn’t show up very well on the camera but the glass was everywhere and you can hear my feet standing on it. It was covered."