NETWORK Warrington is looking to celebrate the town’s feline friends and wants to hear from residents about any cat tales they have.

To mark the launch of the new Cheshire Cat South Warrington bus network later in Spring, the bus company wants to share and celebrate the best cat pictures and anecdotes – with the new Cheshire Cat bus fleet being named after the most memorable cats.

Ben Wakerley, Managing Director at Network Warrington, said: “We’d love to hear from the cat-people of Warrington about their pets and what they have been getting up to.

“I have two cats myself, Minky and Flint. Judging by how mischievous I know they can be, I can’t wait to hear about Warrington’s other funny cat stories.

“I’m also excited at the prospect of our new bus fleet being named in honour of the best cats in town. Send us your pictures so we can feature them inside the buses too!”

Residents are encouraged to share their pictures and stories on Twitter @WarringtonBuses, on the company’s new Facebook page or via email to Network Warrington’s feline fanatic Gina Johnson at

The full improvements and changes to the network will be announced next month, with a public roadshow on Wednesday 28 February 2018 at Sandy Lane Community Centre at Stockton Heath, 6p until 8pm.

The roadshow will give residents the chance to comment on the Cheshire Cat changes before they are officially confirmed.