A HUSBAND and wife are set to mark big milestones since the beginning of their hair-cutting careers this year.

Mal Scott is celebrating 50 years of making the cut having first picked up the scissors when she left school, while husband Guy is also set to reach four decades as a barber in 2018.

The married couple, who have been running Scott’s salon and barber shop on Orford Lane since 1976, first met when Mal was working as a hairdresser at Guy’s army barracks in Germany.

She said: “I went to Germany when my parents were posted there.

“I used to have a little room in the barracks where I’d cut all the soldiers’ hair, and that’s where I met Guy.

“Guy came out of the army and he didn’t know what to do, but I’d often get him to trim my hair for me.

“He went on a training course and we looked for a property - we didn’t know Warrington well but there was a salon for sale on Orford Lane.

“We bought it, opened upstairs as a barbers shop and downstairs as a lady’s hairdressers and it’s gone from strength to strength - we’ve been here ever since.”

The couple, from Hood Manor, also lived and worked in Northern Ireland when Guy was posted there.

Mal added: “In this day and age, there are so many businesses that come and go but we’re still going strong.

“I can’t believe I’ve been doing it all these years because it’s gone really quickly - I love hairdressing and I love the community spirit around here.

“We have people who came here when we first opened who are still coming to us, and now their children and grandchildren are coming as well.

“You get to know people really well which is really lovely - you grow a bond with them and you feel for them when they have their ups and downs.”