IT used to be the case that the trickiest thing about pancakes was making sure your pancake toss didn't result in batter all over the ceiling. 

But now a new army of creative parents have been inspiring others to think a bit more about the Shrove Tuesday treat. 

Pancake Day takes place next week on February 13 and if you're bored with batter we have lined up some of our favourite pancake creations so far. 

Send us your creative pancake pictures using the form at the bottom of the story. 

Unicorn pancakes

Warrington Guardian:

Asda is helping parents of unicorn fans to cheat their way to the perfect pancake with their unicorn pan. 

Priced at £15, the Tefal pan comes with a squeezy bottle to fill with batter.

Draw the outline and wait for it to brown and then fill in the rest with the remaining mixture. 

Once you have got that technique sorted, there's a whole world of possibilities. 

 Warrington Guardian:

And if unicorns aren't your thing, there's also an owl option

Warrington Guardian:

Pic credits: Asda

Squeezy bottle filled with batter at the ready? How about a Peppa Pig or Minion pancake like this


Kids wanted pancakes..... Made it fun! ☺️🎄❤️ #peppapigpancakes #minionspancakes

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Struggling with the whole browning technique? 

How about arranging your pancakes to look like Mickey Mouse like this. Then you can add some facial features with chocolate spread or fruit


Anything for my baby #mickeymousepancakes

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Or there are some very cute options on Pinterest arranging fruit to create a bunny face or some blobs of cream and chocolate spread to make a tail and rabbit feet. 

Warrington Guardian: Have you been getting creative with pancakes?