A EDWARDS seems to think my rebuttals of the ‘fake news’ he/she peddles is personal (Warrington Guardian, January 4).

Not so; I always try to correct inaccurate information from anyone anywhere and have recently had the pleasure of correcting the town’s Labour council.

I stand by the statement that five per cent of leave voters were of the country’s racist element but the childish supposition that this makes five per cent of Warrington’s leave voters racist wouldn’t have been considered even by the worst of Sun and Mail reporters.

The percentage of racist electorate varies in different parts of the country and they are more numerous in Conservative areas; Warrington is a Labour town so no apology needed.

To suggest that Cameron was, for once in his life, telling the truth with the household leaflet is again a ‘bit of a stretch’ as he was so convinced he was going to win he had not considered what would happen if he lost.

What he should have done is put the leaflet contents on the official Tory Party website and he could have removed it along with all the ‘numerous incorrect statements’ that ministers have made since 2010 and are no longer ‘on the record’ that A Edwards writes about.

I’m not interested in what the ‘fake’ elitist establishment of Heseltine, Blair and Clegg think but the ‘real’ elitist establishment of Gove and Johnson should live up to the promise of the £350 million EU money going to the NHS.

I voted remain and was disappointed with the result but had ‘dealt with it’ from day one.

What I do want now is a Brexit negotiated for, not just for the elitist few, but for the good of the people of Britain as a whole.

However in a country run by a government ‘owned’ by billionaires who are demanding a Brexit that puts more taxpayer’s money into their offshore accounts I’m not holding my breath.