A DOCTOR has called for an end to the ‘postcode lottery’ for couples seeking fertility treatment.

At present, women in Warrington aged under 42 are offered the maximum number of three cycles of IVF that are available on the NHS.

But while NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group offers the full three cycles to couples, four other CCGs in Cheshire offer only one.

Nationally, the number of CCGs providing three cycles of IVF is half the number it was compared to four years ago while 61 per cent offer one.

Dr Luciano Nardo, clinical director at Daresbury-based fertility clinic Reproductive Health Group, believes this practice is ‘not right’.

He said: “There is something very wrong with NHS policy when neighbouring CCGs are offering different levels of treatment.

“Where you live and the fact you have a slightly different postcode should not be the deciding factor for who gets what level of treatment.

“Sadly, that is becoming increasingly the case – not just in the north west but across the entire country.

“CCGs have different care policies to each other and decisions being made by them are having a devastating impact on many couples trying to conceive.

“Some couples are being denied the very same treatment that people a few miles down the road are getting and that is just not right.

“It is time the CCGs delivered on their responsibilities and gave the IVF care that they are expected to.”