CAMPAIGNERS have been paying fees on the Warburton Toll Bridge to ease 'suffering' and congestion in what has been labelled as 'a true Robin Hood story'.

Site owner Peel Ports will be meeting with representatives from Warburton Toll Bridge Action Group, which now has more than 1,815 members, as well as Trafford and Warrington councils, on January 23 to discuss concerns.

The structure, near Lymm, costs 12p to cross, or 25p for a day ticket, with many motorists facing the 'misery' of queuing for up to an hour during peak times, such as Friday evenings.

Up to £25 per day has been paid by Warburton Toll Bridge Action Group to allow motorists to avoid waiting in traffic.

Group founder Mark Broadstock, from Rixton, believes Peel has a 'corporate social responsibility within the community' to take action.

The 37-year-old said: "There is a bit of frustration between all of the parties at the moment.

"When I started this group, councillors told me not to bother because we would not get anywhere.

"So for us to go from being told that we couldn't do anything to a place where we are getting around the table and speaking is really positive.

"But we don't know if this meeting will just be a stalling tactic to get us to shut up – I am not holding my breath.

"We have got some funding for the group now from residents and have a solid core.

"We are also looking for businesses to get involved and have applied for grants from parish councils surrounding Warburton.

"Up to £25 a day is coming from the action group to let people through – that is a true Robin Hood story and could be saving people up to an hour.

"It fills us with joy that we are helping and making people's lives easier.

"But Peel should open the gates and let people through, we shouldn't have to do this."

Mr Broadstock also vowed to keep the pressure on the company in the coming months.

He added: "What Peel do not understand is how much of a negative impact this is having on quite vulnerable people in the community.

"There are people who need to get to GP appointments, hospital appointments and to help disabled family members.

"The bottom line is that there are a lot of people suffering because of this.

"We are really ramping things up now, we have a proper steering committee and forum, along with a proper group of activists, to help us take it to the next step."