CAMPAIGNERS battling to protect Peel Hall from development are preparing for ‘one of their most challenging years yet’.

As the appeal to decide the fate of the land in the north of Warrington edges closer, residents united on Ballater Drive playing field in Cinnamon Brow to unveil their latest mission statement and new-look campaign material.

Last year the development management committee unanimously rejected Satnam’s plans to build 1,200 homes at the site.

However, following the decision, Satnam lodged an appeal to the planning inspectorate.

The appeal, which is expected to be held over 14 days, will begin on April 23 at 1pm at The Orford Jubilee Hub with a preliminary meeting between the council and the developer set for March 27.

Campaigner Wendy Johnson-Taylor said: “We’ve been monitoring what has been going on around our town. 2017 was very much a waiting game for us.

“We have been planning for the right moment to launch this.

“We all feel the start of 2018 is the right time.

“We have designed a fantastic campaign logo and our mission statement simply says: ‘Too Late When It’s Gone’ which is very appropriate.

“We’ve felt the need to push things forward, especially in the light of an appeal set for this April.

“Sadly, with every resident fighting their own corners we felt we had to up our game and start 2018 as we mean to on with a new year and new fight attitude.

“We are hoping the inspector will agree with us that Peel Hall is a land-locked site.

“We believe this is a site not compatible for development and poses threatening, hazardous installation. It is a completely unsustainable proposal and it has zero infrastructure.”

MP Helen Jones is also backing the campaign launched by concerned residents.

She said: “We have everyone here from pensioners to youngsters united against this development.

“We know we have a difficult fight ahead of us.

“We are not frightened of Satnam, we have defeated Satnam before and we can defeat them again.

“We have enough brownfield in our town to build the houses we need – without destroying residents’ quality of life. Together I am convinced we can defeat Satnam.”

The campaign group is planning its ‘biggest event to date’.

A community rally will take place in March ahead of the appeal.

To join the campaign visit