A WOMAN who has enjoyed travelling across the globe throughout her life celebrated turning 107 surrounded by her loved ones on Christmas Eve.

Former Burtonwood Airbase hostess Hilda Lightfoot, who is a resident at Heathercroft Nursing Home in Woolston, was showered with gifts after turning 107 on Sunday.

Hilda's great nephew, Karl Wilkinson, 38, said: "She was really happy.

"We make a big fuss for her birthday each year, it is always a big event.

"She must be one of the oldest people in Cheshire now.

"She has eaten well over the years and also carried out a lot of exercise when she was younger, including cycling, walking and jogging.

"Hilda had a long-term boyfriend but she never got married, so she did not have the stress of a husband. She is independent.

"She really liked to travel and has been all over the world, including to Florida, Australia and Spain. She went to Spain twice a year until she was 95."