MANY thanks for highlighting the continuing existence of Warrington in Lancashire (Warrington Guardian, November 30).

You write Warrington became a borough within Cheshire in 1974.

In fact although it may have had some services provided by Cheshire County Council, the town, or at least that part north of the Mersey, remained and still remains, in Lancashire.

In 1998 Warrington became a unitary authority once more.

Cheshire County Council was abolished.

British Counties Campaign is seeking to end the existence of so-called ‘ceremonial’ counties created in 1997 but which have only caused continuing confusion with the real counties, often more than 1,000 years old.

Some tidying up of the names for areas for services such as police etc may need to take place, at little or no cost.

Indeed, we believe preserving our history will provide great cultural, social and economic benefit as we move into the future.

GERARD DUGDILL Campaign Manager, British Counties Campaign