A DIY art collective is set to return to its roots with its latest exhibition, which is named in honour of Coronation Street’s Gail Platt.

More than three years on from holding its first exhibition in the town at the Old Town House on Buttermarket Street, Womanstanley will return to the venue where it all began on Saturday, December 2.

Blowing a Gail, named in honour of Coronation Street’s Gail Platt (also known as Gail Rodwell/Potter/Tilsley/Hillman/McIntyre), will see around 40 artists showcasing their creations – ranging from a portrait of the soap character herself to a dazzling bejewelled television.

Other exhibits include locations in the town painted in a surrealist style, a revolving puppet doll, travel photography and illustrations inspired by powerful women from history and pop culture.

Womanstanley’s latest exhibition continues a theme of naming their events after Coronation Street characters, following others in honour of Deirdre Barlow, Betty’s hot pot and Hilda Ogden’s mispronounced Muriel (mural) while the group’s own name was itself inspired by an iconic line from the latter.

Co-curator Sophie New, from Lower Walton, said: “When we first started, we never intended for it to be Corrie-themed but Coronation Street has run throughout Womanstanley and I think it gives us an unpretentious that makes us approachable.

“With it being December and us calling it Blowing a Gail, a few people have taken that and worked on a theme of it being wintery or Gail but the way people have approached it is really diverse.

“One of the good things about it is that it’s open without any restrictions or rules – if you’ve got something then you should be able to show it.

“In a time of upheaval and turmoil, art – particularly on your doorstep – can become a form of therapy and a way to reconnect with yourself.

“For us, as long as artists have a platform to exhibit and so long as there is an engaging audience then we feel we have delivered something.”

Blowing a Gail will see Womanstanley return to the Old Town House, having held its first exhibition in a flat above the bar back in the summer of 2014.

Since then, it has held its unique showcase in the surrounds of Warrington Museum, the Auction Rooms and Warrington Sports Club as well as branching out to venues in Leeds and Wigan.

Sophie, 27, added: “At the point of the first exhibition, we weren’t 100 per cent sure what we were so we just got everyone to come and do what they could – it’s still very DIY and we never fully know what’s going to happen exactly.

“Because it is so relaxed, it’s good for people who might not normally go into an art gallery if there is a bar and bands playing.

“Being back in the building where we had our first exhibition in 2014 happily forces us to reflect on what we have produced in the last four years.

“I feel over the past four or five years that Womanstanley has shaped and moulded itself to suit the different artists we work with and the different locations.

“Looking at all the artists we’ve worked with and the amazing pieces of art we have had the privilege of exhibiting, we can’t help but feel blessed that we have had such a positive response from artists, the people who help us to make these events happen with their support and visitors to the events.”

Blowing a Gail runs from 3pm till late, with music from 8pm including live performances from Runah, Danxia and Witch Fever and a DJ set from Thirsty Girls – entry is £4.