READERS have been in touch with Yester Years with more memories of the Alliance Box Works.

Last month we printed a picture from a new book by Janice Hayes, Warrington At Work: People and Industries Through The Years, which featured the company which was based off Orford Lane.

This week, she has shared another picture, of some of the workers in the factory, which hopefully brings back a few memories.

Anyone who can help explain the work going on is welcome to get in touch.

Meanwhile Roger Bellamy, from Staffordshire, has written in after seeing a copy of the original picture of the West Works and East Works.

He works there in the mid 1950s.

He said: “I remember the works manager of the East Works corrugated factory was a Fred Mayer.

“The Orford Lane factory manager was Sid Morris and as Patrick Mullee remembered Fred Chick was in charge of the transport department and his brother Harold Chick was a supervisor in the Orford Lane factory.”  He also remembers the other factory which was based in Partington and was where the solid fibreboard was made.

Mr Bellamy added: “I started work in the forme making department with Bill Morse, Colin Carless and Gordon Morris.

“The department made the cutting tools for the die-presses in the solid and corrugated departments.  “I later moved to the quality control department which tested all the materials that came into the factories.

“We also tested the corrugated board off the machines.

“The department was run by Tony Cowper who I believe went on to become a director of the company.

“I then moved on to work in the Sample making department, which was run by Peter Keefe who went on to start his own box making factory with a chap called Jeff Lloyd.  “I left the company in the early 60s and went onto other things within the packaging industry, by which time Alliance Box company had expanded and had a second factory in Warrington and two other factories, one in Tamworth and another in Milngavie in Scotland.”

I believe the company is now owned by  the Smurfit Group the Irish packaging giant.