THE managing director of Network Warrington has praised the response of the driver and customers after a broken-down bus caught fire on Legh Street this morning. 

The town centre road was closed while emergency services and the company's principal engineer dealt with the incident.

One firefighter put on breathing equipment to tackle the flames, which were extinguished using two hose reel jets.

Managing director Ben Wakerley said that while the incident caused no significant risk to anyone on board, the actions of the driver ensured customers were quickly escorted to safety.

He added: “Incidents like this are extremely rare, but it’s very reassuring to know that our well-trained staff are always ready to put the safety of our passengers first.

“I’d also like to thank the passengers who followed instructions without hesitation and the emergency services who were quickly on the scene.

“There was some damage mainly to the rear of the bus, subsequent to it being vacated, which was sustained while emergency services worked on the bus.

"We are now looking into this incident so we can find out the cause.”