IT’S time to say goodbye.

As a famous singer songwriter once noted, all things must pass.* After more than three years of writing this column, the time has come to move on to pastures new.

So this is the last one, dear readers.

I would like to spend my final instalment reflecting on the highs of the past three years and to say thank you for reading and supporting this column. Many of you have participated in making the column what it is.

In preparation to write this final piece, I looked back through the archive. I’ve written one a week and each one is just shy of 500 words in length. Totted up over three years, that comes in at 78,000 words. That’s the length of a short novel.

So what have been the highlights for me?

Here are the ones that have stood out.

When Mr Smith’s burned down in April 2015 I wrote a valedictory piece that generated the biggest response in the column’s history. Seeing the building – an iconic part of Warrington’s past – go up in smoke touched so many people.

When I wrote about my mum’s death last year, I was deeply moved by the response I got from so many readers. As I noted at the time, losing a loved one is a universal experience.

I think my words struck a chord with so many people. And I have to say that your kind comments helped me immensely through that dark time.

One of my proudest achievements has been to use this column as a channel for recording Warrington’s local history.

It has been an absolute pleasure to write about everything from George Formby, George Harrison and Richard Curtis to Steve Donoghue and Ossie Clark. I used to look forward to seeing what wonderful memories you had to share.

I particularly want to thank Pete Rigby who talked to me for more than an hour earlier this year about how he booked The Beatles through Brian Epstein to play in Warrington.

The official Beatles historians have always claimed the Fab Four played here only once, at the Bell Hall in Orford.

But as Pete revealed, the band also played at the Towers Labour Club in Lodge Lane, Bewsey. It was brilliant to be able to write a new footnote in Beatles mythology.

Together through this column we’ve also looked back at the Warrington transporter bridge, the Warrington Academy, Greenalls brewery, Walton Hall, and Lewis Carroll.

It’s been a rollercoaster ride, and as it slows down in readiness for me to step off, I’ll admit I’m going to miss writing for you.

So thank you once again. And mind how you go!

*It was George Harrison.