I AM writing in reference to letters by David Paul and Garry Cowen in last week’s World.

I too paid £10 for my old car and then when I replaced it I had to resubmit my driving licence and council tax form.

I was told I also had to submit a copy of the logbook, which took nearly three weeks to arrive from Swansea.

My question to Merseyflow was what happens when the bridge opens and people swap their car and have to wait for the logbook to be returned?

Guess what? They did not know.

It looks like while you are waiting you will have to pay for each crossing, but how does that work when the vehicle won’t be in your name until Swansea changes the registered keeper?

It looks like they have not thought of this.

I told the young lady on the call centre telephone line that. She said it would be noted.

Answers please Merseyslow.

Colin Gibbs Hough Green, Widnes