TWO vegan activists standing 'in solidarity with farmed animals' are carrying out a five-day 'fast against slaughter' to raise awareness about the deaths and suffering in slaughterhouses.

Jake Jordan, from Great Sankey, and Andrew Garner, from Manchester, will also be highlighting the efforts of Manchester Pig Save – an organisation which comforts animals before they enter a slaughterhouse.

The five-day challenge forms part of #FastAgainstSlaughter, an annual event held on October 2 which sees thousands of people around the world take part in a fast 'in solidarity with farmed animals'.

By carrying out the fast, which started on Monday and ends on Friday, the pair are hoping to 'send a powerful message to society that animals are not property'.

Jake, 21, said: "By taking this hunger strike we want to outline that abuse is defined as cruelty and violence – what is happening behind slaughterhouse walls is by definition animal abuse.

"We want people to look into the eyes of these beautiful animals and ask themselves whether eating meat, dairy and eggs is really worth putting any of these animals through the pain and suffering.

"Being against animal cruelty means being vegan and if we want to say that as a society we are against animal abuse, we must take that step forward as individuals towards veganism."

Andrew, 26, is also an organiser for the Save Movement – a global organisation which peacefully protests outside slaughterhouses.

He said: "By fasting for five days straight, we are demanding an end of all slaughter around the world by encouraging consumers to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

"We will be hungry, weak and uncomfortable but it is nothing compared to what the animals go through when they experience hunger and thirst on their way to slaughter.

"If more people came to our events and saw the pigs before they are killed, they would see how beautiful and smart those animals are. They don't deserve to die."

Money raised from the fast will be donated to the vegan animal sanctuary, Hillside, where cows recently rescued from slaughter are now living out their lives.

For more information about the fast visit the 'MPS 5 DAY SAVE & Fast Against Slaughter' event page on Facebook.