THE wait is almost over. There is not long to wait now before RivFest kicks off at Priestley College. 

The festival, in memory of Viola Beach guitarist River Reeves, will see acts including Maximo Park, Billy Bragg and Mo and Max from The Voice take to the stage.

Here's a glimpse of what they had to say when our Weekend Editor David Morgan spoke to them earlier this month for our special supplement marking the event. 

Mo Adeniran - winner of The Voice

"I’d grown up with Jack all the way through high school and we’d always go up and have a jam. We learnt from each other. We were part of each other’s journey so it made it interesting to watch each other develop as musicians.

"I didn’t know Riv as well as I knew Jack but when all the lads were together it wasn’t like they were a band. They were more of a family.

"I don’t think you could have found a more solid group of friends."

Billy Bragg 

On RivFest…

"It's a great idea first and foremost and I think supporting something like the River Reeves Foundation is sort of thing musicians should be doing.

"It actively tries to connect with the young music scene.

"Things are a lot tougher than they used to be.

"With Warrington and north west bands trying to work out how to deal with the music industry, anything that those of us with experience can to help with that is worthwhile.

On the tragedy…

"As someone who tours a lot I’ve often been in that situation driving late at night.

"I’ve also got a young son in a band so I can relate to it on that level as well.

"It’s every band’s nightmare. You’re trying to make a go of things on the road and something goes catastrophically wrong

"It’s very inspiring. You can never make sense of something like that but to try and come away from it with something positive and something that can be built on helps to take everybody forward in Warrington.

"The town has a growing community of musicians and the Foundation is doing everything it can to support that."

Thomas Turgoose (This Is England)

"It was such a terrible thing that happened so if I can do anything to help raise awareness and help River’s family and the rest of the guy’s families out then I’m all for it.

"I’m buzzing to be a part of it. I remember hearing about it and just not really believing it.

"You hear of all these tragic things happening on the news everyday but to lose a whole band who were doing so well and were so young – it was awful. It was a tragic thing to read and hear about and to understand as well

"They had so much going for them and they had so much talent and ambition.

"I remember I was DJing at Leeds Festival last year and they did a Viola Beach tribute. Everyone came together and had a moment. It was nice to soak up that atmosphere and appreciate the talent that these young lads had.

"It was beautiful."

Paul Smith, Maximo Park

"We remember the early days when you’re just in a van being driven around by your mates before getting through to the next phase of your life where people are actually paying attention to you and all that kind of thing

"That story of a young band trying to make it and then it tragically being taken away is something that resonates with us."

Cel Spellman (Radio 1 and Cold Feet)

"To see all the good and positive that has come out of something so tragic really is inspiring. To show such resilience in the face of adversity can teach us all something and hopefully inspire and help others to.

"I think it’s going to be great day and hopefully something the people of Warrington will remember for a very long time."

Ben Dunne - River Reeves' dad

"The whole thing still doesn’t seem real. It’s like he’s on tour and he’s going to come bounding into the room at any time.

"Is RivFest a way of coping with the grief? Probably. I think with grief you just give in to it and it just takes over your life or you channel the energy in a positive way – and that’s what we’re doing."

Tickets are still available for tomorrow's music concert.

Tickets are £20 or £5 for under 16s. To book click here

Arriva will be running a shuttle bus every 20 minutes on the day from Bank Quay and Central stations