MP Helen Jones has launched a stinging attack on LiveWire after it was confirmed there will be an independent investigation into the governance of the organisation.

It comes following LiveWire's controversial public consultation into the proposed closure of libraries across the town last year and its handling of the matter.

Warrington North MP Mrs Jones said she is 'pleased' that the investigation will be taking place.

She added: "There is a clear need for an independent review following the recent libraries fiasco when LiveWire, who are paid to run the service, did such a spectacularly poor job.

"The council and communities should not have had to find ways of keeping our libraries open and improving book stocks – that was LiveWire's job.

"No one seems to have accepted responsibility and apologised, let alone resigned.

"LiveWire's senior management and board have all continued on as if nothing had happened.

"It is important that this investigation is truly independent and its members are not connected to LiveWire in any way.

"The cosy consensus of people looking at others whom they know must end – it is what led to this fiasco in the first place.

"If LiveWire is deemed not to be capable of doing the job, then the council must take action.

"Other authorities run libraries in-house and have kept them operating successfully.

"If need be Warrington should do the same."

A LiveWire spokesman said: "We welcome the governance review and will work alongside Warrington Borough Council to respond to any recommendations that may be made."