LESS than 48 hours remain until the country goes to the polls – but do you know who you will be voting for?

Ahead of Thursday's General Election, each of the Warrington North parliamentary candidates have issued a statement to tell you why they should be given a seat in Parliament.

Helen Jones will be defending an 8,923 majority in the constituency.

Labour's Helen Jones

"Warrington North has been let down by the Tories in Westminster.

"Too many people are working hard but struggling to make ends meet.

"The Tories are cutting funding for our schools to spend more in counties like Surrey.

"Our hospital has lost services and our A&E is threatened with downgrading or closure.

"I will stand up for this constituency by supporting Labour's plans to invest in our future by funding Warrington's schools fairly and taking action to cut class sizes.

"We'll stop the plans to downgrade or close our A&E, invest in the NHS to cut waiting times and ensure that those who work earn a real living wage of at least £10 per hour.

"If re-elected I'll continue to be an independent minded MP speaking on behalf of local people, against vested interests, opposing threats to our communities like HS2, fracking or plans to build on Peel Hall – putting you first."

Conservative Val Allen

"For the first time in a long time, Warrington North is projected to be a close result.

"That means that every vote is going to matter and every vote will determine whether we see Jeremy Corbyn or Theresa May walk up Downing Street on Friday.

"I bought my first home in Woolston in 1980 and I've lived in the town ever since.

"My father was a builder, my mother worked in a mill and I left school at 16 to start an apprenticeship.

"Now I run a successful business, employing local people.

"I've also helped raise thousands of pounds for charities such as the NSPCC.

"If I'm elected as your MP on June 8, I'll make infrastructure my number one local priority.

"Warrington cannot keep adding more and more houses without upgrading the roads, schools and health services that residents need.

"I hope to have your support on Thursday."

UKIP's James Ashington

"If and when the Conservatives and Labour don't turn up for a debate with you, their electors, they are saying that they take your vote for granted.

"You deserve better!

"It's time you changed to voting for UKIP to show you don't appreciate the massive disconnect between people and politicians.

"UKIP and I will fight for Brexit, with no divorce bill, because there is no legal basis to pay one.

"The new prime minister will either ignore the democratic vote, 52 per cent for Brexit, or backslide at the slightest opposition from the EU.

"UKIP is the only party to stick up for the ordinary people of Warrington North: it offers real detailed fully costed policies – such as £11 billion from redirecting some of the foreign aid budget to be spent on the NHS and social care and 100,000 new affordable homes a year, for first-time buyers, using factory built modular houses, on brownfield sites."

Liberal Democrat Cllr Stefan Krizanac

"Warrington North needs a champion who will look after the best interests of those in the constituency.

"With Omega, Gemini and Birchwood, this part of the town generates much of prosperous Warrington's wealth.

"Yet the constituency also includes areas which are among the 10 per cent most deprived in the country. How can this be?

"Successive governments and the Labour Party that has represented Warrington North since the constituency was formed in 1983 have let the area down.

"By contrast a Liberal Democrat led administration at the Town Hall secured funding to improve housing and to build the Orford Community Hub.

"It re-planned Omega to provide many more jobs and fought against the proposed development at Peel Hall Farm.

"For an effective representative, with a record of fighting for residents, vote for Stefan Krizanac, Liberal Democrat, to be your voice in Westminster on June 8."

Green Party's Lyndsay McAteer

"The people of Warrington North need a representative in Westminster who understands their concerns and will work for them to make sure that things get done.

"Lyndsay McAteer is a great advocate, negotiator, and tireless campaigner for justice.

"She is passionate about her home town of Warrington and will work for a greener future for everyone in the town.

"The future of our health system is one of the most important election issues.

"Elected Greens will fight to end privatisation of vital public services and will ensure that health and social care are available to everyone that needs them.

"Funding for state schools should be increased – education is a right, not a privilege.

"Warrington is the capital of congestion and has some of the highest rates of air pollution in the UK.

"Urgent measures need to be taken to change this.

"Lyndsay will ensure that these issues go to the top of the agenda."