RECENT Hook and Jab national title winners Elise Glynn, 54kg, and Olivia Hussey, 69kg, represented England against Ireland at Eagle Sports Club.

Glynn dominated Irish champion Leah Richardson in two fights on successive nights, dominating the bouts from the start.

She used her reach advantage to outbox her opponent for two unanimous wins, ending a sequence of six fights within two weeks.

Elise then boxed the same opponent the following evening with a repeat performance another unanimous win and her third contest in four days and sixth within two weeks.

Hussey twice faced a tough and experienced opponent in Ireland’s Shannon Reilly, who boxes from the same gym and coach as the best female pound for pound boxer in the world, Katie Taylor.

In the first fight she went in strong and positive, exchanging accurate powerful shots, connecting with the more eye-catching shots.

Hussey maintained exceptionally high workrate throughout the three three-minute rounds to secure a deserved unanimous win.

The following evening Hussey put in another excellent winning performance.

Fellow clubmate and senior boxer Charliegh Carters made her debut at the Civic Hall in Nantwich against the show’s home boxer Libby Blake.

Carters boxed outstandingly, sticking to her tactics against an aggressive opponent.

She caught her opponent off guard with long-range punches and overpowered her, taking her out of her stride for a deserved unanimous win.

Carters will be boxing again on Hook and Jab's home show on Friday, May 5, at Alford Hall, Manchester Road.

Tickets now available at Hook and Jab, on the Palatine Industrial Estate off Wilderspool Causeway, or call 07906 552514.

The tickets are priced £10 for adults, £5 for children an pensioners.

Anyone wishing to sponsor the club or any boxer call in and observe the team in action.