PUPILS at Sacred Heart Primary School put on a dazzling show to raise money for children suffering from cancer in Bolivia.

The school chose the charity after head teacher Colleen Everett’s own daughter was diagnosed with the disease aged just 14.

Elizabeth Everett, who is now 16, bravely spoke to the 800-strong audience at the Parr Hall about her own battle against cancer and treatment at Alder Hey Hospital.

Her mum Colleen said: “After my daughter, Elizabeth, was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, my mum, Christine Nolan, travelled to Santa Cruz children’s cancer hospital in Bolivia.

“This was a cause she had supported for many years and she felt that this was a personal journey she wanted to take.

“However what she witnessed was utterly heart-breaking. 

“There was not enough chemotherapy to treat the children and so doctors were literally having to decide which children had the treatment and which were left to die.

“Parents were begging her for money to pay for treatment.”

She said the experience had a huge effect on the whole family: “Having a child diagnosed with cancer and then watching them go through gruelling treatment is hard enough for any parent, however, I cannot even begin to think how these parents feel knowing that their children will die because there isn’t the treatment available to treat them.

“We took it for granted that Elizabeth would receive chemotherapy, blood transfusions, medications for various side effects and antibiotics to treat the endless life threatening infections she experienced. This is sadly not the same situation in other parts of the world.”

Kind-hearted pupils at the Selby Street school decided they wanted to help and spent weeks rehearsing their dance and musical acts for the sell-out show.

The choir, brass band and musical theatre club all performed at the event and each class put together their own act.

Colleen added: “We are still adding up the money but have been completely overwhelmed with the support we have received. 

“I am so unbelievably proud of each and every one of our Sacred Heart family and feel completely honoured to be head teacher of this wonderful school.”