A FATHER and son team have made it through to the grand final of Robot Wars in spectacular style.

Michael and Adrian Oates from Lymm triumphed in their qualifying heat, which was shown on BBC Two on Sunday night, as their robot Eruption flipped four rivals out of the battle arena in order to make it through to the final.

Being crowned Robot Wars champion would be a lifelong dream for Michael, who went to watch the show being recorded when he was four years old.

Eruption also appeared on Robot Wars last year in the first series since the show was rebooted by the BBC, but failed to progress from the qualifying heats.

Michael, 18, said: "I used to watch this show as a kid and even though we've only been on Robot Wars for the past year we go back a long way with it, so its been a long time coming to get through to the final.

"It was quite a result after last time.

"The robot has been running on the live scene for over five years now, but entering it into Robot Wars was a big step up for us.

"We definitely learnt from it and the robot came back the best it has ever been going into series two, and it paid off.

"We were surprised to win the heat in such a dominant way.

"Flipping the robots out of the arena was the dream for us as that's what Eruption was built for.

"Last time around that didn't work out so it was good to see Eruption get back to what it does best."

Eruption managed to triumph over Robot Wars veteran Behemoth and defeated PP3D in a vengeance match, having been defeated by the destructive bot in the last series.

Michael and dad Adrian, a 52-year-old professional engineer, are now looking forward to the grand final being screened on Sunday, April 9.

Durham University engineering student Michael added: "Behemoth has been fighting as long as I've been alive - they probably have more experience than anybody else in the game so to fight and win against them was really a big achievement.

"PP3D is such a vicious robot and we were scared going in with them, especially after the first time when we did get torn apart by them.

"Having seen the final being filmed, it was epic and I'm really looking forward to it.

"I think it will be the best episode of Robot Wars ever."