IT was the day that shaped Viola Beach's image.

Photographer Georgia Park's pictures came to represent the band's quirky style and, from that day on, multicoloured umbrellas became synonymous with the four-piece.

At the Parr Hall tribute celebration in honour of Kris Leonard, Jack Dakin, River Reeves, Tom Lowe and manager Craig Tarry, fans were swinging brollies.

And in the black and white animated music video for Boys That Sing the umbrella is the only thing in colour in the first two minutes of the song.

So how did those iconic images come to be?

"Tom said the band needed some photos doing and I said I’d do it," said Georgia.

"He didn’t take me seriously at first but a couple of months later it happened. They kind of created this whole day around the photo shoot."

Georgia, who studied photography at Wigan and Leigh College, worked with Tom and Kris in The Lounge in Springfield Street between 2015 and 2016 when she did bar work on Friday and Saturday nights.

She added: "They were so much fun. If I was ever moody or had finished college and wasn’t feeling too great and had work that night they’d lift my spirits.

"They’d always be chatting and laughing. It was more like a good night out with them than a job."

It was a similar atmosphere at Jack's flat in Egypt Street on a cold Sunday when Georgia brought her Nikon D3200 and set to work.

Georgia, of Marsh House Lane, said: "Jack had this quirky idea of having them all in the shower. It was tricky to work out as it was a really small bathroom.

"They all squeezed into the shower and Craig was having to hold the door shut so I could get into the corner.

"He was my assistant that day and I managed to climb up on these little steps and put my camera over the shower.

"It got quite hot and we were worried everyone was going to faint so eventually they put the shower on and went crazy."

Kris then had the idea for a photo with the phone boxes alongside Holy Trinity Church.

The lads just changed their socks and shoes and spilled out onto the street in their wet clothes, grabbing a certain umbrella as an afterthought.

Georgia, 20 , added: "Kris had the umbrella up and they were sharing two fags between the four of them.

"When we reached the phone boxes they were all helping each up and giving each other leg ups. There were a few shoppers around who were intrigued but the boys were really casual about it."

After that they met up with friends and family at The Lounge to prepare for the final part of the shoot.

An exclusive image from the appears in this Thursday's paper on the front page of our 12-page legacy edition of Weekend.

Georgia said: "We walked to the area that overlooks Bank Quay and they wanted all their close friends and family to throw water balloons at them.

"They just got soaking wet and everyone had so much fun. I often look at the photos and think of them.

"They are always there in my mind because when I’m walking around town it’s like I can still see them in those places. I’ll never forget them."

So what was it like to see the photos being used by news publications all over the country after the tragedy in Sweden a year ago?

"It was so weird," Georgia added.

"It was really humbling when people were saying they loved the photos and saying they wanted copies of them to put on their walls. Those images of them are going to be remembered."

Click the gallery above to see previously unseen pictures from the shoot.