EVER regretted posting a picture on social media?

Maybe it's a shot you forgot all about from a few years ago only to be reminded of it when it pops up on Facebook Memories. 

That's the situation facing Warrington South MP David Mowat today after it was announced Warrington residents would now have to pay to cross the new Mersey Gateway Bridge. 

Following the news, a number of readers were quick to point out this post on the MP's Facebook page from 2015.

Warrington Guardian:

It's not the first time he will have regretted a photo op. 

In May last year Mr Mowat was criticised for for reopening Save the Children’s Stockton Heath branch just days before he voted against Britain accepting 3,000 unaccompanied young Syrian refugees.

Warrington Guardian:

But he's not the only one who has lived to regret a decision in Warrington. 

Remember when Warrington Borough Council caused uproar in 2013 after claiming cannabis was stronger than heroin?

They received so many complaints they shut their Facebook page down overnight.

And then there was the failed Christmas ferris wheel in the town centre which was dubbed the 'Terris Wheel' after former council chief executive Diana Terris. 

Warrington Wolves probably wished they hadn't used Chris Sandow as their poster boy for the 2017 campaign...

Warrington Guardian:

Warrington Guardian:

And you probably don't want to be reminded why the club's whole 'Let's smash the Pies' campaign didn't work out ahead of the game against Wigan in 2015*.

(*Wolves fans look away now. It finished Wolves 0 Wigan 28) 

Warrington Guardian:

But hey, nobody's perfect and everyone can get things wrong sometimes...

Warrington Guardian: