THE town’s top secondary schools have been revealed after the Department of Education published league tables based on pupils' progress.

Lymm High School topped the table for Warrington, closely followed by Bridgewater High and Culcheth High.

But the town's schools fell behind the national average.

The results are based on a new system using schools’ Attainment 8 performances, which measure pupils’ progress since they left primary school.

The score is calculated from every increase in grade a pupil gets, based on maths, English and six other qualifications

Each student’s score is then added up to give an overall ranking for the school.

A negative score does not mean pupils made no progress or the school failed, but that students made less progress than others who left primary school with similar grades.

Warrington made below average progress for 14 to 16-year-old education, with a score of -0.16 compared to the UK score of -0.03.

But 63.6 per cent of teenagers in the town got a grade C or higher in their maths and English GCSEs compared to the national average of 59.3 per cent.

No data was available for King's Leadership Academy or UTC Warrington.

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