DONATIONS continue to roll in for the Viola Beach Memorial Fund with more than £23,000 raised so far.

The council has confirmed that as of Monday, £23,064.59 has been collected on the online fundraising page in response to the tragic deaths of the four-piece band and band manager Craig Tarry on February 13.

While the deadline was set for October 31, the account will stay open while last-minute donations continue to flood in.

Plans to create a permanent memorial in the town were backed by the group’s loved ones but exact details have yet to be confirmed.

The stepmum and dad of River Reeves Sharon and Ben Dunne have issued a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign to keep the legacy of Viola Beach alive.

Ben added: "We just want to thank the hundreds of people who have either organised or taken part in a charity event to raise money for the Viola Beach and Craigy Tarry Memorial Fund.

"The total raised is humbling.

"That determination to not let the boys be forgotten has provided us with amazing support as we all struggle to come to terms with this tragedy.

"We will never forget what the people of Warrington have done and we are determined as a family to ensure that through continued fundraising, hope, support and inspiration for future talented artists like Viola Beach and their manager Craig will continue. 

"It is overwhelming and moves us very deeply to know that River alongside Jack, Craig, Kris and Tom, the friends he died next to back in February, will forever have a permanent place in the heart of this great town."