A 19-YEAR-old from Appleton has become the youngest pilot in the UK after bagging a job in the cockpit with Easyjet.

Luke Elsworth is jetting across the continent with the airline and has become one of the country’s youngest ever pilots.

It was only two years ago that the former Bridgewater High School student was going from door-to-door delivering the Warrington Guardian but now Luke is following in the footsteps of his father Paul by taking a seat in the cockpit.

First officer Luke said: “I have always wanted to fly aircraft for a living – it’s taken hard work and dedication and I know I have gone through the most rigorous training in the industry.

“I’m getting a great deal of satisfaction in flying passengers off on their holidays – I love the fact that every day is different, whether I’m flying short hops to the likes of Paris and Amsterdam or longer flights down to the Canaries.

“The amazing views from the cockpit window are always changing.

“My only remaining goal is to fly a passenger flight with my dad which would be a proud moment for us both.”

Staying on at the Hall Drive school to take his A-Levels, Luke was selected for testing and interviewing for a multi-crew pilot’s license the day after his final exam and began flight school soon after.

After 14 months of training in Hampshire and Phoenix, Arizona, Luke graduated last month and was offered a full-time role with Easyjet.

Now he will be steering their fleet of Airbus A319 and AA320 aircraft around Europe from his base at London Gatwick Airport.

Luke added: “I now want to encourage others who share a passion for flying that it can be a realistic, achievable and highly-rewarding career.

“There are some great opportunities available for those finishing A Levels and considering career paths – the Easyjet multi-crew pilot’s license offers a really accessible route.”