A YOUNG Manchester City fan from Thelwall who won a competition after his video went viral has been to meet his hero, striker Sergio Agüero.

The video of seven-year-old Braydon Bent pretending to be the Argentinian star celebrating a goal was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Braydon and his mum, Lorna, went to watch the players prepare for the match against Real Madrid at the training ground before having a tour ofthe stadium.

Lorna said: “We were really proud and Agüero was lovely, he was so attentive and he really listened to Braydon. He’s so gorgeous too!”

Braydon had been practising his Spanish and can be seen speaking with Agüero in his native tongue in a video of the meeting.

Lorna said: “He asked Agüero if he could kick a ball with him in Spanish. He said his Spanish was very good!

“He asked Agüero when Messi was coming to City but he just laughed and asked if Braydon liked Messi too.

“It was amazing, we met all the other players as well. They were so lovely to Braydon, they couldn’t have been any nicer.”

After the meeting Braydon and his family had a peek at the player’s gym and even the hotel rooms where they stay before a match.

On Tuesday Braydon was invited to warm up the crowd before the match against Real Madrid and appeared on stage with comedian Mike McClean.

The young superfan has become a hero to the fans after appearing on unofficial Manchester City Youtube channel, Blue Moon Rising, and Lorna said the crowd joined in with his singing.

She said: “He’s not fazed at all.

“He’s been playing with the ball Agüero gave him and we have to keep telling him not to – it’s one you can’t buy as well, it’s the actual one they use for matches.”

Braydon now has his own Facebook page where you can follow his Manchester City adventures at facebook.com/BraydonBlueBent.