A FITTING tribute to five talented friends on the brink of stardom is how the families of Viola Beach and their manager Craig Tarry will remember the tribute concert which was held in their memory. 

It was a bitter sweet moment for their loved ones as they descended on the Parr Hall on Saturday for a night to mark the musical impact of the group and celebrate the legacy they have left behind.

The family of River Reeves described the show as ‘very moving’, adding that it was touching to see so many emerging and established bands paying their musical respects. 

In a joint statement, Sharon and Ben Dunne added: “For us it was also really poignant that the musical highlight was the band themselves doing what they did best, playing great music. 

“Their live Leamington Spa set with all those images of the boys will stay with us forever. 

‘Our hearts are broken and will remain so, but the love and kindness shown by the Warrington community is a lasting testament to them’
Joanne Dakin

“Thank you Warrington – it didn’t feel like we were saying goodbye to the boys but rather welcoming them home. River would have been so proud.”

Emotions were inevitably going to be high but the overwhelming wave of love and support from the town has helped the families to cope with their grief.

Jack’s mum Joanne Dakin issued a heartfelt thank you to those involved, adding that ‘Viola Beach would have been truly proud of this spectacular home town gig’.

She said: “Our hearts are broken and will remain so, but the love and kindness shown by the Warrington community and the love and respect felt for the lads within their working environment is a lasting testament to them.” 

The night was enjoyed by young and old with Tomas’ nieces and nephew Harry, Mia and Hannah dancing and singing along throughout the evening.

Tomas’ sister Rebecca Lowe said: “It definitely was a fitting tribute to the boys.

“The gig was billed as a celebration of their lives and it definitely was that.

“There was a party atmosphere from the crowd.

“It was just a brilliant night. I think that we all did the boys proud and it was a night to remember.” 

Craig’s sister Sarah described the night as nothing short of perfect while his cousin Jason said he had never experienced anything that compares. 

Sarah added: “Families, friends and fans all coming together was very heart warming. I don’t think I’ll ever go to another gig with the same energy. 

“Craig would have been very proud of his home town on Saturday night, his dreams came true by making people proud to be from Warrington. 

“Craig also managed Hidden Charms who are honorary Tarrys and they smashed it. 

“Craig was known for his head bopping moves at his bands’ gigs.

“Everyone knows he was a very dedicated manager and rarely missed any of their show. 

“We know that he was somewhere, looking down, bopping his head and being so proud of his boys.”

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