A CAMPAIGN group is vowing to continue challenging the proposed HS2 Golborne link – and warned it will 'deliver no benefits' to Warrington.

Councillors, parish councils and action groups were briefed by HS2 Limited this month during a secret Town Hall meeting but Culcheth and District Rail Action Group remains extremely apprehensive over the plans.

Chairman Frank Allen said: "The Town Hall meeting merely confirmed what we already knew.

"There is still a very strong commitment to building the HS2 Golborne link, despite the high costs, the serious damage it will do to the economy and communities and the complete lack of any benefit to Warrington.

"In addition, the so-called HS3 line being proposed by Transport for the North, linking Liverpool to Manchester and Manchester Airport, is being developed at the same time – this may well also pass through Warrington.

"We do not expect any firm decision on the Golborne link to be announced until late in 2016.

"At that point there may possibly be a further consultation if the line of the route has been altered significantly but this will only happen for major changes.

"There is still no credible business case for building the Golborne link.

"It is more expensive than upgrading the existing West Coast Main Line, more destructive to our communities and will deliver no benefits to Warrington.

"We will continue to challenge this at every opportunity."