A NEW Sky comedy that was filmed in Lymm and directed by The Royle Family's Craig Cash is hitting screens next month.

Craig recorded scenes along the Bridgewater Canal, outside the village hall, in Pepper Street and at the Bull's Head pub for After Hours back in July 2014.

After a wait of more than a year, the six-part series, starring Father Ted's Ardal O’Hanlon, Cold Feet's John Thomson and Mad Dogs' Jaime Winstone, will finally be on TV on Monday, November 2.

After Hours is written by John Osborne and Molly Naylor who are known for their poetry and theatre shows as well as John Peel's Shed.

John said: "We were friends, both living in Norwich and working on our own writing projects as well as juggling the occasional day job.

"We got drunk one night and talked about working on something together. We decided to try to write a sitcom because we have always loved the genre."

The pair also said they loved working with Craig Cash.

John added: "Craig has an incredible eye for detail, which makes him an excellent director. During filming we were on set the whole time, communicating with him and the cast and crew.

"He wanted us to make sure everything was as close to how we’d written it as possible. We were very aware of how rare this is and felt lucky to be in a position where we could be a central part of the process.

"Craig is a brilliant writer himself and understands comedy intrinsically. It was a pleasure and a privilege to learn from him."

The show follows Willow (James Tarpey), an 18-year-old music fan who finds himself stuck in the declining town of 'Shankly' after his friends head off to uni.

When his girlfriend (Bafta winner Georgina Campbell) dumps him, he has little to keep him going except for his love of independent radio show, After Hours.

The show is broadcast from a narrowboat by Lauren (Jaime Winstone) and Ollie (Rob Kendrick), two music enthusiasts in their late 20s who wonder whether they’ve actually got a single listener.

That is until they meet superfan Willow who they decide to take under their wing and hire as their new assistant.

Meanwhile, Willow’s dad Peter (Ardal O’Hanlon) is down in the dumps after losing his milk round.

But help may be at hand as Peter's mate Geoff (John Thomson) has plans to join forces with Peter in a new business venture following a fall-out with his wife Sheila (guest star Caroline Aherne).

And Willow's mum Anna (Susan Cookson) risks the community's wrath eyeing up a job at the unpopular new supermarket that has seen off the town's local stores.

With a lack of work and a shortage of spirit casting a cloud over Shankly, can music-mad trio Willow, Lauren and Ollie bring some much-needed inspiration to the rest of their community?

Find out at 9.30pm on Sky 1 on November 2.