AVERAGE bra sizes in Warrington have ballooned from 34DD to a voluptuous 36DD.

Results from The Great British Bra Survey also revealed women from the town picked black as their favourite bra colour, with many saying it makes them feel sexy and look stylish under any outfit.

But the study of more than 2,000 people, aged 16 to 75, found that six in ten women from Warrington either have never had a chest fitting or can't remember when their last one was.

Fit was claimed to be the least important factor when buying a bra – less than one per cent of those who took part said they buy one for this reason.

Women from the north east have an average B cup chest, while those from the west have assets filling a full DD.

Breasts hailing from Wales and the Midlands rest happily in the middle, with an average C cup size.

However, 60 per cent of the people surveyed admitted they like to go braless 'once in a while'.

Results also found women born in the first three months of the year have bigger chests – at an average E cup – than those born at any other time.

Those born in April dropped down to a B, whereas women with June, July and November birthdays have a D-DD cup.

All other months filled a modest C cup.

And Nicola Rodney-Crook, managing director of Bras and Honey, which sponsored the survey, welcomed all of the findings.

She said: "This survey has bust the clasp on some of the UK's most burning questions from the lingerie industry.

"We are regularly bombarded with stories about women wearing the wrong sized bra so we wanted to support The Great British Bra Survey and get to the real truth about Britain's breasts.

"An average woman will change bra size six times in her life so while it's important to ensure that we review the bra market on a regular basis, we also have a responsibility to help educate women at the same time."

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