A Warrington man is the star of a new TV advert featuring backpackers skinny dipping in Mexico.

The commercial, by the website Hostelworld, captures seven 'real life' travellers - including Michael Parsons from Appleton - stripping down to their birthday suits and jumping into a sinkhole in Yucatán, Mexico.

Designed to make a splash in the youth travel industry, the campaign aims to celebrate  the spontaneous adventures that result from meeting like-minded travellers in hostels. 

Ottokar Rosenberger, Hostelworld’s CMO, said: "Hostelworld isn’t about polished brochure holidays, it’s about real travellers in real places, who crave adventures, not souvenirs.

"This is reflected in our new ‘Meet the World’ advertising campaign, which features genuine travellers that are strangers upon meeting, sharing a once in a lifetime experience of skinny dipping.

"Needless to say, we had to work hard to convince media owners to run an advertising campaign featuring real travellers skinny dipping in front of the camera, but we believe it is a great expression of the spirit that great travel experiences starting in a hostel entail." 

Watch the full advert below (warning - contains nudity)