A CASH boost of £20,000 has been donated to Warrington Credit Union as part of an initiative to reach more people in the town.

Lloyds Banking Group Credit Union Development Fund awarded the grant to the union to help the service raise awareness within the town of the finance opportunities that are available to residents.

The fund comes from a £4 million pot that Lloyds Banking Group has committed to providing to credit unions.

Chairman of Warrington Credit Union Steve Wright said: “Working with our partners it is our purpose to help people in our community access affordable financial services.

"We can help them by providing safe savings and responsible lending, along with other services – but all too often people are unaware of credit unions.

"The grant from the Lloyds Banking Group Credit Union Development Fund will enable us to expand our reach and support more people to make the most of their money, in what for some are very challenging times.”