HEALTH chiefs have welcomed steps forward in a ban on smoking in cars carrying passengers aged under 18.

The proposals have been laid before Parliament this week so they can be voted on before the General Election and put in place from October 2015.

Anti-tobacco social enterprise Tobacco Free Futures and Warrington Borough Council have been supporting the campaign and isaid they were delighted with the news.

Cllr Pat Wright, executive board member for health, wellbeing and adult services at Warrington Borough Council, said: “This is all about protecting children and young people from the harmful effects of second hand smoke and we believe educating people about the dangers of smoking in cars will help them to make the right choice and stop doing it.

"It also brings us one step closer to achieving our long-term goal which is to make Warrington smokefree.”

Andrea Crossfield, chief executive of Tobacco Free Futures which led the campaign for smoke free cars in the north west said: “Smoky cars, packed full of toxic tobacco chemicals, are especially deadly to children because they have smaller lungs, faster breathing and less developed immune systems."