A GROUP from Cheshire campaigning against cruelty to animals braved plummeting temperatures at the weekend to hand out 600 leaflets to shoppers in the town centre over the potential threat of the Hunting Act being repealed.

FACCT fear if the Conservatives win the General Election in May they will try to make fox hunting legal again.

Spokesman for the group, Dr Chris Clayton (pictured), a 52-year old industrial scientist, said “Hunting with packs of dogs is cruel, unnecessary and illegal.

"The Conservatives’ Rural Affairs Minister says that if the Tories win the election, they will try to repeal the ban and make hunting legal again.

"We had a lot of people coming up to us to say how much they oppose the Tory plans.

"David Mowat (MP for Warrigton South) resolutely refuses to tell Warrington South voters his views on hunting or to deny that he would join most of the rest of his party in supporting it.

"He also voted for the cruel and discredited badger cull, even though the Government’s own scientists warned that it would increase cattle TB rather than reduce it.”