A ONE-MAN band from Orford is setting the world to rights one song at a time.

David Carey, who records music under the name DC Electric Band, has vowed to write and record a one-minute song every day for a year.

The former Woolston CE Primary School teacher got the idea when he was visiting his sister Christine in Greece in the summer.

David said: "My wife Sharron says I’m always moaning at the telly and have a comment to make on everything. No matter what’s going on I’ve got an opinion so she said to me: ‘Why don’t you do something with it?’"

So he did – the first song was posted on to SoundCloud on November 3 and he has not stopped since. The aim is to raise £10,000 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

"I have to do it now," added David, who has taken a year off work to devote himself to the charity project.

"I’ve started, I like a challenge and I’m not going to stop no matter what. I’d have to be run over or struck by a meteorite to stop me from doing this."

The process involves David getting up at 6.30am each morning to switch on the TV or surf the internet until he finds a theme, usually relating to news, sports or popular culture. Each song takes around five or six hours to complete from scratch.

He has found inspiration in everything from the Rosetta comet landing to S Club 7's reunion during Children In Need.

His song supporting Warrington Town ahead of their game against Exeter was even played on Dominic Walker's breakfast show on Wire FM.

David, who played professionally in his 20s, said: "When I’ve been in bands in the past the first thing that comes to mind when writing a song is ‘I love you baby’. Everyone does the ‘I love you’ song.

"But I thought my lyrics are going to come to me from something that is happening right now in the news.

"Basically I take a popular story and retell it using music and by coming at it from a slightly different angle. It’s nothing too serious. I want it to try and make it as entertaining as I can.

"I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve been struggling but I just get a flash of inspiration and then I’m away.

"I’m just trying to have a bit of fun with the day’s event and what’s going on. It’s things that we love and hate and things that people do – human nature stories that happen to us all the time."

David, a former Sir Thomas Boteler student, has been playing piano since he was three but he is keeping things interesting for his 365 songs by making them diverse.

His song, The Ducks Aren't Well, about the outbreak of bird flu in ducks, for instance, got the George Formby treatment.

"I got my ukulele out for that one," he added.

"I do all different styles. I did a rap the other day about being Bill Cosby’s lawyer

"I did the S Club 7 song in their 90s/00s dance style so I did it in the way they might record a track like that. I don’t think I’ve done a reggae number yet but maybe that’s next."

David used to play keyboard with soul singers on the north west pub and club circuit and he has even considered taking his songs on the road when he finishes in November 2015.

He said: "I could take a selection of songs or maybe extend them into three or four minute numbers but I’m just taking every day as it comes."

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