A CRACK house in Longford is set to be closed today, Thursday, after a police raid saw more than £1,000 worth of crack cocaine and heroin recovered.

Warrington Magistrates Court approved the closure order today for 3 Millbrook Court, McKee Avenue.

Tenant Katie Pottage, aged 43, and partner Lee Paget, aged 37, have been evicted.

Warrington Guardian:

Officers from Warrington Central NPU have arranged for the two bedroom flat to be boarded up this afternoon.

It is the first closure order to be approved in Cheshire since new anti-social behaviour laws were brought in last month.

The property will remain closed for three months.

Problems had been reported there since April this year, including drug dealing, anti-social behaviour and youths coming to the house on bikes.

Neighbourhood officers served a drugs warrant at the flat on Friday.

Warrington Guardian: