A LEADING child cancer specialist who lives in Warrington claims he was unfairly forced out of his post at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

Prof Eddy Estlin, a paediatric oncologist at the Oxford Road hospital, spoke out amid concerns over consultant cover, especially at night, and the approach taken by specialists in his department, an employment tribunal heard.

But he was dismissed after clashing with management at the Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and has lodged an unfair dismissal claim.

He is also alleging that he was victimised for speaking out and the trust, which looks after six medical establishments in the city, is also guilty of discriminating against him on health grounds.

Prof Estlin, who lives in Glazebury, has told the tribunal that he raised a number of concern with a senior colleague regarding consultants non-attendance at clinics, consultant cover at night and patient safety.

The tribunal heard that he also highlighted six individual cases, where he believed patients had been compromised, including one incident where two consultants suggested different surgical techniques to treat a young brain tumour patient, causing unnecessary anxiety for the child's family.

John Thorne, consultant neurosurgeon at the hospital, told the tribunal he went to speak to Prof Estlin after a 'heated discussion' between the physician and consultant neuro-surgeon Vivek Josan.

The row was said to have been 'in front of patients and colleagues' - a claim which the professor disputes.

Giving evidence, Mr Thorne said concerns had been raised regarding Prof Estlin's behaviour and he was 'worried about him' and the impact this matter was having on himself and colleagues.

The concerns which the professor had raised had been regularly discussed by the pair over 'seven or eight years' and his issues surrounding the paediatric on-call rota were valid and efforts were being made to address the situation.

But he told the tribunal that certain matters, including guaranteeing a 30-minutes response time for specialists at the RMCH, were 'significant changes' which required planning, investment and resources.

Prof Estlin, who was also elected as a Culcheth and Glazebury parish councillor for the Labour Party in the Mee Brow ward in 2012, is representing himself at the tribunal, which is expected to draw to a close tomorrow (Fri).