RIVER banks that collapsed along the Mersey in Woolston two years ago have yet to be repaired - with environment bosses now saying flood defence work may have to be altered.

In October 2012, banks along a significant stretch of the Mersey, including a public right of way, caved in, including the garden of one resident.

Warrington Borough Council has confirmed the footpath remains closed between Weir Lane and Edward Gardens.

Following a 'detailed investigation' by the Environment Agency, it says plans for its flood defence programme may now have to change.

A spokesman said: "We have also been working closely with Warrington Borough Council to determine what we can do to address the river bank collapse.

"Due to this river bank collapse, and as part of our ongoing work to improve flood defences along the River Mersey, we may need to alter some of our plans and designs for the next stage of the River Mersey flood risk management scheme."

The EA added consultation would take place with residents before any changes are agreed.

A council spokesman said: "The council has been able to reopen part of the footpath for the public.

"This work was completed in March when the Mersey Way footpath was diverted away from the river bank between Edward Gardens and the Thelwall Viaduct, where a footpath links back to Manchester Road.

"Notices have been put up to advise walkers of the alternative route around the closed sections.

“The two lengths that remain closed are between Weir Lane and the Edward Gardens, and on private land at Moss Side Farm.

"There are ongoing discussions between the relevant parties including the council, Environment Agency and landowner.”

Peel Ports, which owns land at Moss Edge, said: "Peel Ports has been working closely with the local authority and Environment Agency as part of the investigations into the riverbank collapse at Moss Edge.

“We are aware of the issues affecting local residents and will continue to liaise with the relevant parties to address these.”

However, residents have complained over a failure to repair the banks in two years.

Neil Parkinson, of Edward Gardens, said: "Nothing has been done.

"It is supposed to be a right of way from Manchester to Liverpool and nothing seems to be happening.

"I think everybody is wondering what's going on."