IT looked like our Cinnamon Brow UFO mystery had been solved but now an Australian documentary film maker has cast doubt over theories the objects were dummy-shaped balloons.

As reported in last week's Warrington Guardian, reader Mike Mayoux had spotted the unusual white objects in the sky and was curious to know if anyone had any ideas what they were.

Lots of you got in touch to say it was a christening balloon but Mark Abriel, from Lightwave Films, believes similar 'light forms' have been spotted on Australia's east coast since 2005.

He added: "A variation of the central luminous plasma form with the smaller satellite ovals on either side as seen in the Cinammon Brow photo, can also be seen in photos taken by myself and my son Tom on the beach north of Byron Bay.

"Many of these forms appear on HD video moving at very high velocity, and on high resolution digital stills inches away from our bodies, and appear to be around 15 cm to a metre in length.

"I am the producer of a feature length documentary, titled Evanescent, which features interviews with people from all over the world who have had direct experience with these energies.

"The light forms are undeniably bio-interactive and therefore exhibit intelligence or are responsive to an intelligence."

Dummy-shaped balloon or 'bio-interactive' light form? Let us know what you think.