Welsh gymnast Frankie Jones has won the David Dixon Award for her outstanding Commonwealth Games performance.

The prize goes to a single athlete at each Games based on their overall performance, contribution to their team and commitment to fair play.

Jones proved the catalyst and inspiration to the best Welsh performance of all time at a Commonwealth Games. The 23-year-old won six medals in the rhythmic gymnastic competitions, the final one being gold - Wales' first of the Games - in the individual ribbon.

Commonwealth Games Federation chairman Prince Imran said at the closing ceremony: "Her ongoing commitment to her sport alongside her quiet, inspirational character has encouraged many young girls to take up the sport and there is now a comprehensive program in her country as a consequence of her efforts and success.

"She has also been an excellent role model for her peers, showing that a healthy lifestyle is important and achievable in sport where body shape and image tends to dominate.

"She won six medals at these Games and her team has reported to us how inspirational her performances have been to young children who would love to follow in her footsteps."