A TOTAL estimated 1,452 houses could be affected in Warrington by the proposed HS2 route, according to latest figures.

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Warrington North Paul Campbell said the statistics have found an ‘alarming impact’ with 30.6 per cent of a total of 4,750 houses in the whole country being in the Warrington area.

Mr Campbell added: “This impact would be devastating not just for the loss of jobs and the reduction in value of property prices but the immense damage it will inflict on the whole community.

“The proposed route will bring no benefit to the people of Warrington and this proposal as it stands cannot be supported.

“I continue to support the campaigns of local groups such as CADRAG in challenging this proposed route and calling on our MPs, the Transport Minister and HS2 to listen to the residents and move the route to the current West Coast Mainline, upgrading the line, and with services stopping in Warrington.

“This would be easier and cheaper to do with little effect on the people of Warrington whilst providing HS2 with the route it needs, and at the same time bringing all the economic benefits to Warrington that HS2 was set up to do.”