A 30-YEAR-OLD man, who died after falling from a motorway bridge, had recently returned home to start a new life, an inquest heard.

Lance Dickenson, from Croft, was killed after being hit by a Simpson Brothers lorry on the M62 on September 25 in Croft.

Warrington Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday how Mr Dickenson had been out for a walk on the night in question, which his mum Jacqueline Dickenson described as ‘unusual’.

He then spent the evening watching television and drinking four small cider beers with his mum before she went to bed.

She was then woken at 5.45am by the police, who informed her about Mr Dickenson’s death.

During the inquest, the court heard from consultant psychologist Katherine Baker who said Mr Dickenson had struggled with an ‘alcohol abuse disorder’ and had depression, anxiety and insomnia.

She said: “He had brief and fleeting suicide thoughts when sober but they became stronger when drinking alcohol.”

She also spoke about a number of problems that had been troubling Mr Dickenson at the time of his death, which included financial and employment issues and how he had taken multiple overdoses in the past.

He was also concerned about a court case and the threat of a custodial sentence after he was arrested for drink driving last year.

The breakdown of an 18 month relationship, which was described as abusive, had also been causing Mr Dickenson anxiety and he had recently returned home from Wales because of this.

The inquest heard how the retail worker had made 999 calls shortly before falling from the bridge but that he had refused to give his location.

In the toxicology report, it was revealed that Mr Dickenson had consumed an ‘excessive amount of alcohol’.

The coroner ruled that Mr Dickenson had died from multiple injuries and ‘took his own life when the balance of his mind was disturbed’.