SPEED cameras in Warrington caught out more than 3,300 motorists last year, the Warrington Guardian can reveal.

Lining the roads of Warrington, there are currently seven speed cameras.

In 2013, the Winwick Road speed camera at the junction of Owen Street near to Tesco was activated most frequently, catching out 1,395 motorists out of 3,359 who were caught travelling over the speed limit in Warrington.

The Wilderspool Causeway speed camera came in second followed closely by the camera on Mersey Street with 651 and 591 motorists caught speeding, respectively.

But the number of motorists receiving speeding tickets in Warrington has dropped significantly compared to the previous two years.

In 2012, the then eight speed cameras in Warrington were activated 5,894 times and the figure was significantly higher in 2011 with the cameras activated 7,353 times.

But the husband of Donna Davies strongly believes there should be a nineth speed camera in Warrington on Lovely Lane near to where his wife was knocked down and killed in April 2013.

Paul Davies, of Whitecross Road, has urged the council to act now and is determined to get speed camera on Lovely Lane so Donna didn’t die in vain.

The 44-year-old said: “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the same hell that I’m going through. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

“We will never know if a speed camera would have prevented Donna’s death but there needs to be one there so the same thing doesn’t happen again.”

But a spokesman for the council said that a speed camera on Lovely Lane would not be appropriate, despite being identified as a red route in 2008.

The spokesman said: “Speed surveys on Lovely Lane have found that only 15 percent of drivers drive at 31mph or above, with overall average speeds of only 26mph.

“The latest three years of collision data identify only one injury collision occurred where speed was recorded as a contributory factor.

“The red route signs were put there in 2008, aimed at reminding road users of their duty to drive safely and remembering that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the road safe.”

Warrington’s seven speed cameras revealed

1 Winwick Road at the junction of Owen Street 1,395

Warrington Guardian:

2 Wilderspool Causeway in Wilderspool 651

Warrington Guardian:

3 Mersey Street in the town centre 591

Warrington Guardian:

4 Liverpool Road in Great Sankey 439

Warrington Guardian:

5 Fowley Common in Glazebury 257

Warrington Guardian:

6 London Road in Appleton 13

Warrington Guardian:

7 Manchester Road in Woolston 13

Warrington Guardian: