THREE men have been jailed after luring a man to a Longford property and then attacking him - hurling homophobic abuse.

Dominic Nagy, aged 24, of Dudley Street, Orford, Vladimir Puchala, aged 30, of Winmarleigh Street, in the town centre, and Martin Uhlar, aged 33, of Tyne Close, Orford, were told by a judge the attack was a 'terrifying ordeal'.

Nagy was sent back to prison two days after being released having been handed a 12-month prison sentence for burglary.

Halton Magistrates Court heard on Thursday how one of the men had met the victim on a Slovakian internet chatroom.

They invited the man to a property on Densham Avenue, at 10.45pm on June 1 and told to bring whiskey and cigarettes.

But after being asked inside by one of the trio, the other two then join in, punching him and shouting homophobic abuse.

As their victim tried to break free all three tried to pull him to the floor and kick him.

He finally escaped and drove straight to Warrington Police Station, the court heard.

Magistrates were told Nagy had been found guilty after a trial while Ulhar had pleaded guilty to the charge on the day of his co-defendant’s trial. Puchala had pleaded guilty from the outset.

All three men, who are originally from Slovakia, denied holding homophobic attitudes.

Ian Waites, defending Nagy, said: “In 2009 his offending came to an end and there is a four year period free of offences. He stopped taking drugs, he was in a relationship, he has a six-year-old who lives in Slovakia and found himself a job.”

Nagy was also sentenced for possession of lock knife which police found on him when arrested for another offence.

Mr Waites added Nagy was not aware carrying a knife was against the law as it was common practice in his home country.

Sentencing the trio District Judge Bridget Knight said: “It is difficult to think of a more terrifying ordeal than the complainant in this case had to go through.

“He was invited to your address and then he was set upon by all three of you.

“He was punched hard to his head and face several times while being subjected to homophobic abuse.

“He suffers from anxiety and stress and has not been able to return to work.”

Nagy was handed 26 week and four week sentences for assault by beating and possession of the knife, Ulhar was given 23 weeks in prison and Puchala was told to serve 20 weeks both for assault by beating.