A BEWSEY resident is taking legal action after she was banned from playing dominoes by a Warrington league - because she is woman.

Penelope Kieth said she was forced to start legal proceedings against the Warrington Dominoes League following its ‘draconian approach to dominoes’.

The 53-year-old said: “It is against the law not to let women play, it harms the pub and club trade and it is simply one group of dogmatic traditionalists trying to impose their misogyny on others.”

Ms Kieth was originally asked to join the team but was shocked to find out that one of the leagues was for ‘men only’ and she was consequently banned from taking part in the winter league.

Ms Kieth said: “I have spoken to other people who play around Warrington and discovered that this has been the case for many years.

“There are many players within the league, both male and female, who are not happy with this state of affairs.”

The league has since held a private vote in July where 33 male members decided on the fate of women dominoes players in Warrington.

But sadly, Ms Kieth’s pleas have been met with a resounding no.

“To then be told that a vote had been held a few days before and that a room full of men - no women present at all - had voted against women joining the league shocked me,” said Ms Kieth.

“These team representatives had been offered a secret ballot to decide this but had refused as they were proud to put their hands up and be identified as the ones who were voting against women.”

The committee for the league have since been presented with a letter of complaint as their decision to ban women constitutes as discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.

In the letter, it brands the league’s action as ‘unlawful’ but the Warrington Dominoes league have refused to comment on the issue other than to state that ‘there is a women’s team’.

Ms Kieth said: “If women are good enough to play in the summer then they should be permitted to play in the winter too.”

Councillor Jan Davidson (LAB Westbrook) couldn’t believe her eyes when she read the Warrington Dominoes League decision to ban women and fully supports the action being taken.

Clr Davidson said: “I was amazed when I read this as a woman who fought to be served a pint in 1976.”

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